"Friday Open Thread" currently scheduled for this Friday.
Are there any real plans for this site or is Just-Another-Tumblr the plan?

Yes, there are real plans. Trying to find real time to get moving on them, that is the thing.

Let’s open this up, though:

What do YOU want to happen with MNSpeak? Please reply in the comments so we can capture your ideas.

MNSpeak moving back to it’s old domain, but on a new platform

_taylor_ posted a press release to Secrets of the City announcing big news for Secrets and for MNSpeak:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an exciting announcement: Secrets of the City and I are in the process of taking up residence at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and, as a part of the move, MNSpeak will be transitioning to its own domain — and to tumblr — under the management of the fine fellows at Ciceron.

Yes, we’re a Tumblr now. It’s an experiment. One that _taylor_ endorses. And who am I? Well, first see this other MNSpeak part from the press release:

Also starting this week, MNSpeak will be moving under the watchful eyes of old-timer MNSpeaker, Andrew Eklund (aeklund) and Karl Pearson-Cater (bigboxcar) at Ciceron, a digital strategy and social advocacy firm in the Twin Cities. Ciceron will be leading the charge for what the future holds for MNSpeak, re-imagining local content and conversation in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

So, I’m bigboxcar. And I’m happy to share that I was on MNSpeak “back when Rex was here.” Anyway, enough about me for now — there’s a LOT of work to do. (Like fixing the tumblr template to show which member is posting, for example.)

Also, there is this:

  • We have comments set up using DISQUS, so go get a profile set up there if you don’t already have one.
  • Set up a Tumblr account if you don’t already have one and follow MNSpeak. We think MNSpeak can thrive as a Tumblr — more specifics on that hunch later.
  • We’re setting up Tumblr Editors as we go. Interested?
  • You can Submit a post to MNSpeak here.
  • You can Ask MNSpeak Anything, too.
  • The archives will be posted at a later date, but they are safe and sound and they are very very very important to us.

Much more to come. Comment below as you did on the previous MNSpeak platform. Also, Reblog to your Tumblr with your thoughts on this news. And consider doing both and we’ll see what happens.